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Used electronic test equipment for sale - Dispose computer equipment - Cheap test equipment.

Used Electronic Test Equipment For Sale

used electronic test equipment for sale

used electronic test equipment for sale - FLIR T300

FLIR T300 Thermal Imaging IR Camera 320 x 240 Resolution/30Hz

FLIR T300 Thermal Imaging IR Camera 320 x 240 Resolution/30Hz

? Convenient 120 Deg. rotating lens? 2X Continuous Zoom? Delta T - Differential Temperature? High Resolution IR Images - 76,800pixels (320 x 240) Infrared resolution? Visible Light Digital Camera - 3.1MPresolution with flash provides sharpimages regardless of lighting conditions? 2X Continuous Zoom - Zoom with auto/manual focus? Rotating Lens - Rotating lens detents upto 120 Deg. for easy viewing angle? Scalable Picture in Picture (PIP) Fusion - Displays thermal image super-imposedover a digital image? Video Lamp - Allows the visual cameraand fusion to be used in poorly litenvironments? High Temperature Range - From -4 to1202 Deg. F (-20 to 650 Deg. C) targeting electricaland industrial applications; Optional2192 Deg. F/1200 Deg. C temperature available? +/- 2% Accuracy - reliable temperaturemeasurement? Thumbnail Image Gallery - Allows quicksearch of stored images? Li-Ion Rechargable Battery - lasts More than 4hrscontinuous use; replaceable? Copy to USB - Easy upload of a singleimage or a folder from the camera to aUSB memory stick? Laser LocatIR(TM) Pointer - Pinpoints areference spot with a laser and aligns amarker to it on the image? IR Window Correction - Menu settingsallow you to account for transmission lossthrough IR windows? Voice Comment Recording - on images& can be integrated onto report? Wireless Communication - Bluetooth®Transmitter with METERLiNK(TM)? Includes - SD Memory Card (storesMore than 1000 Radiometric JPEG images), Li-Ionrechargeable battery with 100-260V ACadaptor/charger, two rechargeablebatteries, 2-bay battery charger,QuickReport software, USB Mini-B cable,Bluetooth® USB micro adapter, sun shield,stylus pen, headset, camera lens cap, andhard transport case? Interchangeable Optics - Optional6 Deg. , 15 Deg. , 45 Deg. , 90 Deg. , Close up: 100, 50,25?m, easily attach to the camera

77% (14)



LED Light

Products > Indicator Bulbs LED-Dashboard Bulbs-PCB Board
Indicator LED Light

Taiwan Chi Ming Electronic was founded as professional indicator LED lights maker with factories in Taiwan and China. The company has acquired ISO 9001 quality management certification in 1999. The well-developed production facilities comprising of state-of-the-art machinery and equipment help the company manufacture superior LED light products meeting the highest level of customer satisfactions. Its research and development, now with 10 engineers, includes abundant experience and professional knowledge on optics design and electrocircuit design, and also the creative development skill and the passion on product innovation. Browse the following categories and feel free to contact us for quotation.

.Groove bulbs LED
.BA5S bulbs LED

.BA7S bulbs Indicator bulbs LED
.B8.3D bulbs Indicator bulbs LED Light

.Neowedge bulbs Indicator bulbs LED Lights
.SLIDE BASE bulbs Indicator bulbs LED Light

.EXIT SIGNS bulbs Indicator bulbs LED Lights
.E14 BASE bulbs Indicator bulbs LED Light

.E12 BASE bulbs Indicator bulbs LED Lights
.E10 BASE bulbs Indicator bulbs LED Light

.E5 bulbs Indicator bulbs LED Lights
.EP14 bulbs Indicator bulbs LED Light

.G4-BI PIN bulbs Indicator bulbs LED Lights
.BAX bulbs Indicator bulbs LED Light

.B8.7D bulbs Indicator bulbs LED Lights
.B8.5D bulbs Indicator bulbs LED Light

.B8.4D bulbs Indicator bulbs LED Lights
.BA9S bulbs Indicator bulbs LED Lights

Chi Ming Electronic to serve customer needs, focus on LED application products, automobiles and the development of light switches, LED brightness constant upgrading, automotive applications use constant current LED modules, LED substantially improve the quality of stability.

Chi-Ming Electronics Corp. Professional development cars, trucks LED bulbs;automotive led lighting-1157 bulbs brake automotive led;Auto led lights-1156 bulbs Turn Single contact automotive led lighting;Auto led lights-7443 bulbs automotive led lighting;Automotive led-3156 LED;Automotive led lighting-Festoon bulbs. Our 2000 research and development manufacturing Auto LED light bulb, in 1984 began production of incandescent light bulbs, now, to Auto LED bulbs in the field as we continue to research and development objectives; improvement process, Chi-Ming With Auto LED Lamps packaging sector. Power circuit design, thermal cooling R & D team, so that products can quickly develop and manufacture, Chi-Ming are fully automated to quality improvement.

Chi-Ming Electronics Corp. Newly developed UBLED-60SMD can be applied to 1156 bulbs 1157 bulbs LED-3156 bubls LED- 3157 bulbs LED -7440 bulbs LED- 7443 bulbs LED ... and other products, we have the patents, have our independent special design, very good to functional and beautiful appearance. is our long-term research and development of crystal products factory.

Chi-Ming light bulb on in the car, manufacturing automotive LED bulbs tail, brake and turn light LED bulbs. Festoon bulbs LED, miniature wedge base bulbs LED, ...Tail/Brake/Turn Bulbs LED · BA15 base Dual & Single Contact Automotive Bulbs LED.interior lighting LED bulbs, Auto LED bulbs Turn Single contact, brake lights car LED light bulbs, dashboard LED bulbs, tail LED lights after the vehicle lamp, car side lights LED light bulbs, carArticle soft lights with LED bulbs, and trucks with light bulbs LED, marine bulbs LED, motorcycle bulbs LED, electric bulbs car LED, train with LED light bulbs,LED light bulbs of various actions with a warning, lighting bulbs.

Chi Ming in the LED manufacturing process, the continuous research and development, particularly in the LED packaging process, from packaging materials management, daily aging test, LED for optical efficiency of great progress, believe we can do better, thank you ...

Of electric motorcycles and electric car of the future will completely replace the use of oil engines and electric automobile engine motorcycles. Electric car battery as the energy source. The use of traditional incandescent bulbs are inefficient, power consumption greatly. Electric motorcycles and electric vehicles to switch to auto LED bulbs, driving is very beneficial to increase the electric car electric vehicle travel time and travel longer distances, Chi Ming Electronic and vigorously development of electric motorcycles and electric cars Series auto LED bulbs.

Chi Ming Electronics is the fastest growing LED light supplier in Taiwan. If you're looking for the Indicator LED light to match your type of application and need fast, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best for you soon. We provide person to person service with advanced technology for order fulfillment,shortening the delivery lead time with our contracted logistic partners. Chi Ming satisfies its buyers with superior quality, competitive prices,punctual delivery and excellent after-sales service. Contact us now !

Electronic Games 1983 Software Encyclopedia #1

Electronic Games 1983 Software Encyclopedia #1

From my personal collection.

Electronic Games Magazine, 1983 Software Encyclopedia issue #1. This issue is in a solid Fine/Very Fine (7.0) condition.

This issue seems to be one of the tougher ones to find. I’m not sure why since it was printed during the prime years of the publication. However, I believe it was a stand alone issue and not part of the regular print run. I know you could send away for this issue via a coupon in earlier issues from 1983, but I’m not sure if it made it to newsstands. If anyone has info on how this issue was released feel free and add a comment. Either way it seems to have a smaller print run than other issues from the same time period. That would likely be the main reason for the increased demand. It also has tons of great articles on games and systems of the day. If you get your hands on one it is definitely worth the time to read through!


used electronic test equipment for sale

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