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Custom goalie equipment : Centrifuge lab equipment.

Custom Goalie Equipment

custom goalie equipment

Day 181/365 - Things I miss the most - Part 2

Day 181/365 - Things I miss the most - Part 2

Today was back to the real world day. After getting home from vegas i had a terrible headache. i was able to get to sleep right away but woke up at 3am totally awake and feeling horrible. Usually when i have a headache sleep usually cures it. I tried to take a couple of aspirin but all it did was upset my stomach. I battled with the pain for alittle while til i threw up whatever i had in my stomach and took a very hot shower. Somehow i was able to finally get to sleep and i felt better in the morning. I really need some medical insurance so i can get checked out. I been feeling ill for the past week now where it feels like anything i eat can turn against me. Todays shot is a shot of my goal pads. I custom designed these pads about 5 years ago when i worked for a company called hockey giant. Sadly i haven't been able to use the gear in months. Most of the ice rinks around here have done away with there pick up hockey and the only way i will be able to play again is if i join a league but it would cost way to much money. I really miss being on the ice. Hopefully i will be able to make it back soon. I just hope i will be able to sleep tonight. At 11:38 it's 89 degrees outside. It was well over 100 during the day i really hate hot weather. ugh im not looking forward to summer.

Day 40/365 - Go CP's

Day 40/365 - Go CP's

This shot was extremely hard. I wish i could of took this picture on the ice but i had to do the next best thing.. my room. It was super hard trying to set the camera up set the remote trigger and get in position. I set the timer for 20 second the maximum it would go but it still barely gave me enough time to throw the remote down get my glove on and pose. I also ran out of room so i couldn't get a complete full body shot like i wanted to but this works as well. Shot with the nikon 50mm 1.8 it's kinda longer then i would like im guessing i need a 35mm or a full frame camera. so i guess everyone mail me donations for a d700 ;) I used a diy home studio layout. Long black curtain hung by a curtain rod in front of my door.

Strobist: sb-800 on the right though a shoot though umbrella. Triggered with nikon CLS via commander mode on the d70 using ttl. I was going for a more harsh light from one side so i guess i would need to build a snoot.

custom goalie equipment

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