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Complete Equipment Hire

complete equipment hire

complete equipment hire - Mr. Gasket

Mr. Gasket 60 Carburetor Studs

Mr. Gasket 60 Carburetor Studs

These zinc-plated studs help prevent stripped out threads in the aluminum intake manifold and hold the gasket in place to guide the carburetor. Aluminum threads in intake manifolds cannot take the repeated tightening of carburetor mounting bolts and installation of carburetor studs will alleviate this problem and allow for better alignment of gaskets and spacers. Medium sized studs are 1-1/2 in length, are threaded 5/16"-18 at one end and 5/16"-24 at the opposite end, and each package contains 4 studs, nuts, and washers.

84% (18)

012 - You're Hired

012 - You're Hired


Dam has calmed so R7F puts him on the keyboard. (Dam is in no shape to stand at the moment.)

Lenny returns from his music making session. Figuring the interview was called when he left, he was wondering why the others hadn’t come with him. "Dudes what is the hold up?"

Samantha goes to assist the dizzy Dam on the keyboard, but a noise to her right draws her attention. R7F has collected the entire equipment collection and in one hand. She smiles and says, "You’re…"

Lenny who is next to R7F at this point, is holding up his guitar to add it to the pile completes the interrupted Samantha with "…HIRED, dude".

Dam who is coming around adds, "What!!!"

Samantha gives his a quick look that would be loosely interrupted as "Are you stupid."

Dam adds, "Oh okay, you are good at carrying and security. Welcome to the band."

R7F beams with pride, he scored a job. "How much does it pay…."

They work out the conditions of employment and position the band equipment again, before R7F departs to return when the tour starts.

He has a 50 dollar bonus and he is feeling good.

2011Portugal 2206

2011Portugal 2206

"Borospincek" Vila Nova de Gaia-ban, Portoval szemben a folyo tulpartjan, ahol a hires portoi borokat erlelik es palackozzak. Kirandulasom nem lett volna teljes egy ilyen boraszat meglatogatasa es borkostolas nelkul - en a szallodai recepcios ajanlasara a legnagyobbhoz, a 18. szazadi skot alapitasu (de ma portugal tulajdonu) Sandemen-hez mentem (a kepen az o pinceszetuk lathato). A kostolas es vezetett tura sajnos csak 11-kor kezdodott, igy addig meg tettem egy kort Portoban a tulparton.

A tuzolto-berendezes sem mai darab...

No visit to Porto would be complete without seeing the caves where the famous port wines are aged and stored. Actually, this is done in Vila Nova de Gaia, on the other side of the Douro river, accross from Porto. I picked Sandeman for a tour and tasting, following the recommendations of the hotel receptionist. The tour started at 11, so I had time for a walk in downtown Porto before.

Fire fighting equipment - also aged...

complete equipment hire

complete equipment hire

Mr. Gasket 98 Carburetor Heat Dissipater - Measures 1/2-Inches

This heat dissipater or carburetor spacer is manufactured from a laminated heat-absorbing gasket material which is separated by layers of aluminum alloy. It has an open style and is 1/2 thick. It works by forcing engine heat in the air stream away from the carburetor and provides a smooth transition of air and fuel from the carburetor to the intake manifold to enhance flow and performance. It insulates the carburetor from engine heat and gives clearance for linkages. It is for Holley and AFB applications

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