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Pro Boxing Equipment

pro boxing equipment

pro boxing equipment - TITLE Boxing

TITLE Boxing Eternal Pro Training Gloves, Black, 16-Ounce

TITLE Boxing Eternal Pro Training Gloves, Black, 16-Ounce

Super shock absorbing multi-layer foam combination is professionally covered with durable top-grade leather to deliver uncompromised training results. If you are seeking a pro training glove at an amateur cost, the Eternal gloves are your lasting option. A moisture wicking inside liner helps repel sweat, while precision placed air holes help keep hands cool during training. Extra thick and secure elastic wrap around wrist closure assures a hassle-free sparring session. Discover the Eternal training gloves that leave a lasting impression.

82% (16)

(No) Power To The People - 3 of 4

(No) Power To The People - 3 of 4

Power was about for more than 5 hours earlier today. A fault took place in an underground transformer box about half a mile west (straight ahead in these photos). This caused switches to open on the pole the power company crews are working on in these shots.

Was able to (finally) talk to someone from the power company about this issue, and how they're going to monitor things to make sure this doesn't happen again. One of the things they're trying to do is to get some tree clearance workers to trim back some of the trees in our area. Unfortunately, one homeowner is not allowing the workmen to work on the trees on his property...trees that are growing right into the wires. The power company is trying to take legal steps to force the homeowner to allow his trees to be trimmed. According to the power company, this is another recurring problem in our area leading to our constant power outages.

Had to take some time off work to handle the situation on the home front. The wife had to take care of an elderly neighbor and another neighbor on a ventilator that runs off the mains power.

Pro Style Punching Mitt

Pro Style Punching Mitt

These punching mitts from Crosse Sports are designed to provide you with both durability and comfort. They are made with top quality leather and are padded with 2" of foam padding to cover the fingers, gel padding at the wrist and a 2" thick curved foam pad at the front. The curved design makes a natural target that promotes more accurate punching. The 2" padded hook and loop wrist closure provides a comfortable and secure fit.

Curved from pad makes a natural target
Made from top-quality leather
Padded hook and loop wrist strap provides a secure comfortable fit
Gel padding at the wrists provided additional comfort
One size fits all

pro boxing equipment

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