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Medical Equipment Management Software

medical equipment management software

medical equipment management software - Computerized Medical

Computerized Medical Office Procedures: A Worktext

Computerized Medical Office Procedures: A Worktext

With this easy-to-follow, hands-on guide, you will be completely prepared for your first medical assisting job. Computerized Medical Office Procedures, a Worktext Using Medisoft Version 14 covers the most common administrative and financial functions that a medical assistant performs. Step-by-step procedures walk you through basic tasks - everything from how to input patient information to appointment scheduling to billing insurance companies to accounting procedures - and more. Concepts are presented in small, easy-to-digest segments, and a two-week simulation lets you apply the skills you have learned. Written by educator William D. Larsen, this book helps you develop the front-office competencies you need!

Easy-to-read, conversational writing style makes it easy to follow and understand even difficult concepts.

Step-by-step procedures with accompanying computer screens guide you through each administrative task.

Learning objectives emphasize the most important points to help you get the most out of each chapter.

Checking Your Understanding helps you review the key points of each chapter.

Putting It into Practice activities make it easy to apply software concepts.

Day-by-Day Simulations provide you with experience similar to working in a real-world medical office.

Medisoft software offers hands-on practice with a real-world practice management system. Sold separately.

Collections in the Medical Office chapter covers the use of Medisoft to perform such tasks as creating collection letters, entering a tickler item, and printing collection trace reports.

The Elsevier Clinic may be used in performing Medisoft tasks.

Reminders at the end of each chapter help you develop the useful habit of backing up your data.

New HOW TO document on the Evolve website explains how to save printed assignments as PDF files so you can e-mail assignments to instructors.

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eZee BurrP! - The Restaurant Management Software, Restaurant POS, Bar Management Software, EPOS

eZee BurrP! - The Restaurant Management Software, Restaurant POS, Bar Management Software, EPOS

eZee Burrp! is suitable to work in restaurants, bars, night clubs, quick service restaurant, delivery and other operations. eZee Burrps simple approach, ease of use and rock-solid reliability makes eZee Burrp! a great system for your POS needs to solve the problems. Whether your restaurant is a single store or a part of nation wide chain, we will help you achieve the simplicity in restaurant management. eZee Burrp! works on touch screen as well as on desktops.

Donation Management Software

Donation Management Software

AssociationForce offers an online donation management system integrated with full suite of solutions which let you to manage Software for fund raising, donor management, donation management, volunteer management.

medical equipment management software

medical equipment management software

Medical Device Reliability and Associated Areas

Although Reliability Engineering can trace its roots back to World War II, its application to medical devices is relatively recent, and its treatment in the published literature has been quite limited. With the medical device industry among the fastest growing segments of the US economy, it is vital that the engineering, biomedical, manufacturing, and design communities have up-to-date information on current developments, tools, and techniques.

Medical Device Reliability and Associated Areas fills this need with broad yet detailed coverage of the field. It addresses a variety of topics related - directly and indirectly - to reliability, including human error in health care systems and software quality assurance. With emphasis on concepts rather than mathematical rigor, a multitude of examples, exercises, tables, and references, this is one resource that everyone connected to the medical device industry must have.

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